Boxer FAQs

Who Can Participate?

Fire, Police and EMT/Paramedics working in the Missouri counties of Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte; and the Kansas counties of Douglas, Johnson, Miami, Shawnee, and Wyandotte. Men and Women, at any age, and any weight are welcome.

If I Box, Will I Receive an Award?

Absolutely! Professional style championship belts will be awarded to all winners. Runners up will receive other memorabilia.

What are the Training Requirements?

Each Participant must be involved in a minimum of 15 USA Boxing approved training sessions. Local boxing gyms and their coaching staff have been secured to accommodate most areas of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Visit our website for a list of training facilities,

If I Train, Will I Be Guaranteed a Match?

Unfortunately, since safety is a primary concern, we cannot guarantee a match. Since all matches are based on age, weight, and experience, we are unable to guarantee that there will be an opponent for everyone.

How are Matches Decided?

Bouts will be matched based on Age, Weight, and Experience. All participants in matches must be within 10 years of age, 10 pounds in weight, and of equal ability level.

Will I Need Equipment?

The local boxing gyms that have volunteered to assist in this effort have the majority of necessary equipment with the exception of hand wraps and mouthpieces (which you will need to purchase). If you are matched, you will be contacted on how to get uniform and other needed items. This will require a fitting that will need to be completed well before event day and at no out of pocket expense to you.

Is it Safe?

Guns ‘N Hoses follows strict safety guidelines. This is not a “Tough Man” contest. Injury prevention is paramount and accomplished by proper training methods, use of proper equipment, and supervision by expert referees and boxing physicians.

What Happens After I Register to Be a Boxer?

Once you have submitted a registration form, you will be contacted and continually updated via email. Please make sure to read all emails thoroughly and respond as quickly as possible when asked. Updates will be continually given up until event time.